#104. Visit 15 new places/towns/cities/events within driving distance of where I live in one year.

~Completed December 2015

Number 104 on my adventure list is to travel to 15 new places/towns/cities/events within driving distance of where I live within one year.  I was really excited about this goal because taking grand trips isn’t always possible.  I was surprised to find that there are so many cool places that are close to where we live.

  • Lyons Mansion in Fort Scott, KS (March 2015).  We stayed in this beautiful bed and breakfast on our wedding night.  Our room was amazing and we enjoyed a very nice breakfast the following morning.  I would definitely recommend staying here if you’re ever in the area.  11169889_10204502686389464_9122851108080492586_n
  • Wallace State Park in Cameron, Missouri (May 2015).  We had a picnic lunch and went hiking here one afternoon.  We saw several deer on our walk.  It is a peaceful park.11254461_10205148929745144_2662140801566373161_n
  • Drum Circle Monday at Loose Park in Kansas City, MO (Summer 2015).  We spent several Monday nights this summer here with friends.  There were drums (of course), hippies (of course), and plenty of people watching opportunities.  Having a drink at the park with friends was a great way to make Mondays not so Mondayish.11745510_10204863212887352_804741153251768178_n11742818_10204863211727323_6551875589229498319_n
  • Corinthian Hall Museum in Kansas City, Missouri (June 2015).  This is a really interesting historic home in KC that you can tour.  I find it really interesting to explore old homes.  High, painted ceilings…fancy furnishings…it’s hard to imagine actually living in a place like that.11755079_10205148932105203_1835623140903898045_n
  • Cliff Drive in Kansas City, Missouri (June 2015).  Every weekend, Cliff Drive is closed to cars and open only to pedestrians and bikers.  This was a very scenic road and we had a fun time exploring here.  It was pretty quiet during our afternoon here.  It was almost a bit creepy as it had an abandoned feel with no cars and very few other people. 11173322_10205148933865247_479027777847153680_n
  • Sioux Falls Old Courthouse Museum in Sioux Falls, South Dakota (July 2015).  We stopped here on our way back home after our roadtrip to North Dakota to visit friends.  This was a cool little museum and it was worth the stop.  IMG_1794IMG_1789
  • Lantern Fest in Wichita, KS (July 2015).  In one word – magical.  Read more about our adventure at the Lantern Fest here. 11705188_10205069744285557_2331137236662233132_n
  • Louisburg Cider Mill in Louisburg, Kansas (October 2015).  We went here with some friends for the corn maze, cider, and delicious cider donuts.  This was the perfect fall activity.  This was also K’s very first corn maze.    12038312_10205664542595143_8106030887305856768_n
  • IKEA (October 2015).  We finally broke down and went to IKEA.  This place is HUGE.  It was all a bit overwhelming.  Somehow we managed to leave without buying anything.  12063779_10205664888043779_4535771982979732346_n
  • Glore Psychiatric Museum in St. Joseph, MO (November 2015).  What a creepy but interesting place.  It was neat to learn the history of psychiatric hospitals.  I think we especially enjoyed this museum as our backgrounds are in psychology.    IMG_2668
  • Oregon Trail Landmark in Saint Joseph, MO (November 2015).  Pretty cool to imagine what it would have been like for the pioneers when they first came across the Missouri River.  We had a nice time exploring the area and seeing the sunset on the river.  12308655_10205869138629916_4330478030340237096_n
  • Shoal Creek Living History Museum in Kansas City, MO (November 2015).  This was a cool place to visit with lots of history.  It is also (apparently) the spot to take family photos, because everyone was doing it.  I would like to go back during one of their events as all the buildings are apparently open then.  During our visit, we had to peer through windows to see inside.  12191049_10205734476903457_8679000225760285273_n
  • Harrah’s Casino in Kansas City, MO (November 2015).  We randomly decided to go to a casino one night.  This was K’s first casino in the States and my first one in Kansas City.  We left with more money than we went in with, so I’d call that a successful night. casino.jpg
  • Vaile Mansion in Independence, MO (December 2015).  This place has a really interesting history.  It was built as a private residence.  Only a year or two passed before Mrs. Vaile died.  Our guide said it was an accidental overdose of laudanum, which Mrs. Vaile took for pain (she had stomach cancer).  However, there are speculations that she may have committed suicide as her husband was currently on trial for fraud.  After Mr. Vaile died, the mansion became a nursing home for many years.  Based on a google search I did, it seems that many people feel the mansion is haunted.  What I read online says that the mansion served as an asylum for many years; however, our tour guide never mentioned this so I’m not sure if that is accurate.  It was very bright and cheerful inside when we visited, all warmly decorated for Christmas.  The outside was a bit creepy, though.
  • vailevaile2
  • National Frontier Trails Museum in Independence, MO (December 2015).  This was such a cool museum about the Oregon and Santa Fe Trails.  There were some fun interactive exhibits, too.  We got to pack a covered wagon with supplies.  We also got to spin a wheel to see if we would strike it rich in the gold rush.  I feel like I learned a lot at this museum.  Would definitely recommend it. pioneermuseumpioneer.jpg
  • Chicago Alton Depot Museum in Independence, MO (December 2015).  This was an unexpected stop for us.  The staff at the National Frontier Trails Museum recommended we stop by the train depot, which is right next to the Trails Museum.  We got a private tour of the depot from a very nice man named Marvin.  It was worth the stop, we got to learn some interesting things and have a nice chat with Marvin.  I am fascinated with trains anyway, so I had a fun time here. depot.jpgdepot2.jpg