Additions to my original adventure list… I am always thinking of more things I want to do!

Italics = in progress    Strikethrough = completed

Adventures I want to have…

66. Release a floating lantern (completed July 2015, read more here)tangled-disney_0
67. Go parasailing
68. Host a dinner party (completed December 2015, read more here)
69. Be completely debt free
70. Get a passport (completed September 2013, read more here)
71. Take a week break from TV and Pinterest (completed January 2016, read more here)
72. Go to Waitomo Glowworm Grotto Caves in New Zealand (completed March 2014, read more here)glowworms-cave-10594
73. Invest money in the stock market.
74. Visit Vienna, Austria’s Christkindlmarkt (Christmas markets)
75. Explore Mayan ruins in Belize
76. Go treasure hunting on Cayman Brac in the Cayman Islands
77. Search for the Lost Dutchman Gold Mine in the Superstition Mountains, Arizona LODU_02
78. See the moai in Easter Island
79. Walk the Great Wall of China
80. Visit the Forbidden City in Beijing
81. See the Great Pyramids of Giza
82. See the Northern Lights in Finland Northern-Lights-in-Finland
83. Visit the ruins of Pompeii in Italy (completed March 2017, read more here)
84. Climb to the top of Mt. Fuji in Japan
85. People watch in Monaco
86. See the ruins of Dunnottar Castle in Stonehaven, Scotland Dunnottar_Castle_2
87. Look for hidden treasure on Silhouette Island (Seychelles)
88. See Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel in the Vatican City (completed March 2017, read more here)
89. See the castles in Wales
90. Dig for diamonds at Crater of Diamonds State Park in Arkansas
91. Visit a blues bar in Chicago
92. Ride the Rocky Mountaineer image6
93. Stay in an overwater bungalow in Bora Bora
94. Attend a Japanese Tea Ceremony
95. Go skinny dipping
96. Break/Hit a pinata (completed May 2016, read more here)index
97. Order ice cream from the ice cream truck (completed May 2014, read more here)
98. Join Toastmasters
99. Read five banned books
100. Read five biographies
101. Move in with the love of my life (completed May 2014, read more here)Our-first-place
102. Have a baby

103. Try surfing (completed March 2014, read more here)

104. Visit 15 new places/towns/cities/events within driving distance of where I live in one year. (completed in December 2015, read more here)

105. Run a 5k. (completed August 2014, read more here)

106. Complete the 100 Happy Days challenge. (completed August 2014, read more here)

107. Learn how to crotchet

108. Sing karaoke

109. Blog at least once a month for 1 year.

110. Eat fresh vegetables or fruits once a day for 30 days. (completed May 2015, read more here)

111. Start an exercise routine and stick with it for at least 90 days.

112. Buy a house

113. Take a pottery class

114. Take a trip to Las Vegas (completed November 2016)

115.  Go to an ice bar or stay in an ice hotel

116. Go swimming next to a waterfall (completed January 2017, read more here)

117. Go to a Taylor Swift Concert

118. Watch at least 5 episodes of Dr. Who.

119. Learn the ASL alphabet and some basic phrases

120. Tour wineries in Hermann, Missouri

121. Get a cartilage ear piercing (completed August 2016, read more here)

122. Go sailing.

123.  Try at least 10 new foods/cuisines within one year. (completed October 2016, read more here)

124.  Attend a music festival.

125.  Watch 1 documentary a month for an entire year. (completed in 2016, read more here)

126.  Visit 5 state parks that I haven’t been to before within one year. (completed October 2016, read more here)

 127.  Go to the Laura Ingalls Wilder Historic Home and Museum in Mansfield, MO.

128.  Travel to Ashdown Forest, East Sussex, England to visit Winnie the Pooh’s famous “Hundred Aker Wood”.

129. Tour the German Fairy Tale Route in Germany.

130.  Answer “50 Questions that will Free your Mind”.

131.  Go to the ballet. (completed December 2017, read more here)

132.  Take a boat tour of Bonne Terre Mine in Bonne Terre, Missouri. (completed October 2016, read more here)

133. Visit a ghost town.

134. Try aerial yoga.

135. See the Shepherd of the Hills play in Branson, Missouri. (completed October 2017, read more here)

136. Complete the Project 333 clothing challenge (completed April 2018, read more here)

137. Have a no spend week.

138. Go hiking at least 15 times in 1 year.

139. Simplify my life using the Konmari method. (completed February 2017, read more here)

140. Unplug once a week for 3 months.

141. Try Meatless Mondays for 3 months.

142. Do meal prepping for 3 months.

143. Travel to Bala, Ontario, the inspiration for the setting of my favorite book – The Blue Castle.

144. Go to a speakeasy bar. (completed February 2018, read more here)

145. Do the Miracle Morning challenge.

146. Go without makeup for 30 days.

147. Have 30 days of hygge.

148. Walk in the Amazon Rainforest.

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