The Beauty of the Ozarks

Number 135 on my adventure list was to see the Shepherd of the Hills play in Branson, Missouri.  My parents took my brother and I to see this when we were little, but I don’t really remember it.  I have been wanting to see the play as an adult ever since I read the book a few years ago.

I have a beautiful old copy of The Shepherd of the Hills that my Grandpa JB let me have.  It belonged to his mom – her name is written in the front of the book.  Sadly, it sat on my shelf for several years before my dad convinced me to read it.  I am so glad I did because I ended up loving it.


Shortly after I read it, I was talking to my Grandpa on the phone about the play in Branson.  He mentioned that it had shut down recently.  I was so disappointed!  I felt like I had missed my chance to go.  But then the play reopened.  Unfortunately, K and I got busy and didn’t end up making it to the play during the summer of 2016, so I decided to make it a priority for the next season.  And then it shut down, again!  I felt like I had really blown my chances to see it.  But luckily, it reopened, again.  We booked our tickets for a Saturday night show and planned a weekend getaway to Branson.

We stayed in a beautiful airbnb that had a stunning view of the Ozarks.  I could have spent a week here instead of just a couple days.

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During the day on Saturday, we went to another place I have been wanting to go to – Dogwood Canyon Nature Park.  This place was amazing!  There are so many little waterfalls throughout the park.  The path is paved and flat, so it is an easy walk (6.5 miles).  The waterfall that is furthest from the park entrance is the most beautiful, so it is definitely worth it to walk to the end.  You can also rent bikes or take the tram tour if you prefer.  I would definitely go back here.

That night, we headed to the outdoor theater to see The Shepherd of the Hills.  We had good seats, the weather was perfect, and the actors all did a great job.  Of course, the book was better.  The play added more drama and comedy, which makes sense for theater.  What I was expecting to see, though, was an exact portrayal of what I read without all the entertainment add-ins.  All in all, it was still an enjoyable experience and I’m glad that I got to see it.  I only wish I could have told my Grandpa that I finally got to go.  He passed away about 10 months before we went.

After heading back to our airbnb, I sat out on the deck to enjoy the quiet and beauty of the Ozarks with a cup of hot chocolate.  I don’t think that this area gets enough credit – the Ozarks are truly one of the most beautiful places in the world.  But maybe I am a little biased, because for me, it feels a little bit like home.


Have you been to Branson before?  What are your favorite things to do here?


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