My First Piñata

For some reason, I have wanted to break a piñata for as long as I can remember.  In fact, breaking a piñata is #96 on my bucket list.  I’m not sure where this fascination came from – did I see it in a movie?  Read about it in a book?  I can’t remember.  All I know is that every time I see piñatas in the party aisle at the store, I want one.

I have considered buying a piñata on multiple occasions, but I have held off.  There needed to be a purpose to the piñata – not just that I wanted to hit it.  I actually considered throwing a Cinco de Mayo party for the sole purpose of having a purpose for a piñata.

And then the piñata happened spontaneously, just as it should.  For my company’s anniversary, our boss brought in margaritas, cake, and A PIÑATA!!!

Finally, I thought.  This is my chance.  I’ve been waiting years for this moment.

When they asked for a volunteer to hit it first, my hand shot up.  I hoped that my pounding heart and ear to ear grin did not appear to be too over eager.  I’m not the type to get over excited at work events, nor the type to volunteer first for anything.  My face felt flushed, my eyes were shining.  Was it my high hopes or the fact that I had just eaten two large pieces of cake and downed a margarita?

My eagerness must have been evident, as I was chosen to go first.  It.  Was.  Happening.  My big moment!  Check it out for yourself in the video below.  Look at those swings!  I’m giving it all that I’ve got.  Years of anticipation have led up to THIS MOMENT.

And after my moment had ended, I was left with a strange realization.  I had always thought that breaking the piñata would be the highlight.  But to my surprise, I found that it didn’t matter that I didn’t break it.  I realized that the reason this made it onto my bucket list was because of everything else – it was the anticipation, the spinning, the unknown, it was the danger of almost hitting the fire alarm lever on the wall, the laughs and cheers from my friends, it was the feeling of that last swing as it connected to the piñata.

And isn’t that just like life?  Sometimes the best part isn’t what you think it will be – it’s all the little things along the way.




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