Uno, dos, tres.

Time to cross 3 things off my 27 before 27 list…

#4.  Brush up on American and World History.  I started a new job at an alternative school at the end of August and it has actually helped me out on this goal.  In addition to implementing behavior plans, I get to teach an academic subject, which I love.  I am teaching social studies – the kids and I are learning a lot!  A few topics I have covered recently are The Oregon Trail, pioneer life, Laura Ingalls Wilder, the Underground Railroad, and Harriet Tubman.

#9.  Learn some geography.  Ditto to the above.  Every couple weeks, we have a geography lesson.  There are so many fun videos on YouTube to help kids (and adults) learn about the continents, directions, and US states.  Check out this video that I use with the kids.  Continents Song for Kids

#10.  Become financially self-sufficient.  This was the year that I finally got off my parents’ phone plan.  I finally make enough money to live on.  It’s.  About.  Time.



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