Another month bites the dust

A whole month of my 27 before 27 has already slipped by!  This is an eye opener for me as I am not as far along on my goals as I hoped I would be.  I think the key to meeting my goals lies with the dreaded (but oh so desired) Number 13 on my list – Become an Early Riser.  I keep thinking, If I could just master this one, I would have time to do everything else I want to accomplish.  Please share your tips for getting up in the morning and not hitting snooze – that is my greatest downfall.  I have all of these lofty plans at night, but come morning, I cannot get up.  I need to be more disciplined.

98decc53fff07c4413e49b0879c9f9bdI have made some progress, though.  For Number 5 (Complete the 52 books in 52 weeks challenge), I am a little behind on my timeline, but I have read 3 books so far.  Flawless (Sara Shepard) and Sun Kissed (Catherine Anderson) were both pretty good.  I loved Cheyenne Amber (Catherine Anderson).  I am working on Me and Mr. Darcy (Alexandra Potter) right now.

23855c5143940833bf3026f2158b4d0dI’m doing pretty well with Number 10 (Become financially self-sufficient).  I am finally off my parents’ phone plan as of this month (about time, I know, I know).  Now that I have a salaried job, I have taken over part of K and I’s mutual bills as well.

The month started off well with Number 16 (Stick with the Dave Ramsey budget system for at least a year).  However, life happened.  Unexpected vet bill, my last bit of self-employed taxes was more than I planned, and some other expenses were more than I budgeted.  I am ready to try again for February, though!

8affeb6f267b1b3e530aeca0022471fbNumber 18 (Start an exercise routine and stick with it for at least 90 days) – I did start this one January 2nd, but it quickly tapered off.  I really need a workout buddy but there are none to be found.  I’m thinking of setting some sort of incentive for myself to increase my motivation.  Any tips would be appreciated!

5e85b581fb0df7ea0967de61965dafd7I’m getting this one done just in the nick of time – Number 20 (Blog at least once a month for 1 year)  And it is doing the trick…blogging today reminded me of my goals.

Number 26 (Go spelunking) is in the works!  This will be happening in April on our trip to New Zealand!


Until next time,



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