A Year of Crafts

Time to cross Number 38 off my list – make one Pinterest craft a month for a year.  Although I made more than twelve crafts, I didn’t always make one per month.  However, I am still counting this one as complete since the point was to craft more (instead of just pinning pictures of crafts on Pinterest).

Back in January, my first craft was to make a jewelry stand.  The next month, I made a bucket list board.

And then I got behind on posting my crafts on the blog.  🙂  So here are my other crafts for 2013.  Some of the things I made are very similar to something I pinned, and some I changed quite a bit.  Check out the links to see the original pin.  I love each thing I made and rediscovered my joy for crafting, so I’d say this item on my list was a success.

Craft Number 3 – Card Keepsake Album


At my old apartment, I had a wall where I put up special cards and notes I received throughout the year. What started off cute, ended up being an explosion of mess as you can see here. So…


I took all of it off the wall, bought a photo album (and hole punch), and put everything in the album.


All organized and pretty – yay!

Craft Number 4 – Our First Christmas Tree ornaments


First, I sawed a couple pieces off the end of K and I’s Christmas tree.


I used a permanent marker to write on the wood, a screwdriver to drill a hole through the top, and some red string to make the hanger.


Other side

Craft Number 5 – Dave Ramsey cash envelopes


I got the pretty paper at Hobby Lobby. The blue is for K and the purple is mine.


I used a template (click on link above)  – worked great!

Craft Number 6 – Framed Jewelry


I had some old jewelry that belonged to my grandma and great-grandmother and I really wanted to display it. I may eventually move these to a shadowbox, though.

Craft Number 7 – First Car Key Ornament


My car got totaled earlier this year. 😦 I had that car since I turned 16, so it was sad to let it go. I decided to make a Christmas ornament out of the key, because I’m sentimental. 🙂


The top beads say My First Car and the second set of beads says Lizzie, because that’s what I named my car (after Elizabeth Bennett, of course). I used nail polish to make the top of the key sparkly and the rest of the key red.

Craft Number 8 – Canvas Art Quote


I used scrapbook stickers on a blank canvas (I reused some of the letters as I painted). The stickers did not stick well to the canvas, so I painted with one hand and held the sticker down with my other. Also, I used oil paint instead of acrylics because I already had some.


All finished! I used some white paint for touchups, but overall, this worked pretty well.

Craft Number 9 – Glitter Mason Jars


This one looked a little better in the original pin, but I still like it. Very easy – just painted glitter and glue/water on the inside of the jars, then added a tea light.

Craft Number 10 – Cat Food Tin


Silver spray paint and gold/blue acrylics. I got this tin at a thrift store for super cheap.


Kitty food area! I hand painted the letters rather than using a stencil or stickers.

Craft Number 11 – Mod Podge Quote on Canvas


As you can see, I had two helpers. 😉 I had an extra copy of The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, so I mod podged some pages on this blank canvas, then added scrapbook stickers. I used gold acrylic to paint over the letters.


Peeled the stickers off and voila! Love it.

Craft Number 12 – Custom Name Plaque


I found this plaque at a thrift store – it was exactly what I was looking for! It already had the gold chain hanger, which was perfect. I painted over the previous picture on the plaque. Took several coats, as it was quite dark before. I got the wooden letters and apple at Hobby Lobby. Painted them, added some glitter to the apple, and then glued everything on. I also brushed some gold around the sides of the plaque. I made this for my sorority little sister, who just graduated and will be an elementary school teacher. 🙂

Craft Number 13 – Workout Shirts


I took these old shirts and followed the linked tutorial.


I learned that I’m not great with scissors. All three shirts are wearable, but didn’t turn out as nice as the tutorial.


However, this will still work great as a yoga shirt.

Craft Number 14 – Scrabble Art

This one is a Christmas gift that hasn’t been opened yet, so I will have to hold off on posting a picture.  🙂

Craft Number 15 – Acrostic Poem Art (didn’t have a Pinterest inspiration for this one)

Also a Christmas gift, so I’ll post a picture after the holidays.

Anyone else do any fun crafting this year?  🙂


2 thoughts on “A Year of Crafts

  1. I’ve started Dave Ramsey’s plan and was just using plain envelopes, but I really like the template; I might have to make those too!

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