You Raise Me Up

Last night was the best so far when it comes to crossing things off my adventure list.  I saw Josh Groban live, Number 48 on my list.

I’ve realized lately that there are some things in life that don’t end up being as great as you thought they would.  So many things that I was really looking forward to this year, like graduating with my Master’s degree, finding a real job, and moving in with a close friend, have ended up being not just anticlimactic, but utterly disappointing.

Josh Groban was not one of these things.  His concert was everything I ever hoped it would be, and more.  After the summer/fall I’ve had, I needed something to remind me that some things are as wonderful as you always dreamed they would be.

1380323_10200994899696989_1808042387_nHe sang my favorite songs, Remember When It Rained and February SongStarry, Starry Night was amazing, too.  And I am really falling in love with his new song Brave.  Oh, and he sang The Prayer!  And of course, You Raise Me Up.  Lip quivering tears happened, multiple times, but at least I didn’t full on sob (dangerously close, though).

1379723_10200997007509683_1883231259_nNot only was his music beautiful, but he was funny as well.  I think K had a surprisingly good time.  I mean, at one point Josh (we’re on a first name basis now =P) imitated Gollum, congratulated Kansas City on our football team, joked about the protestors outside (Seriously, he is like the least offensive person ever.  Why would you protest Josh freaking Groban?!) and he made fun of Bieber.  Josh, please take me (sorry K, I mean us, of course!) to Dublin.

1385150_10200997004789615_1973967876_nThis was my first real concert.  I’m still a bit A LOT excited.  Thank you to K for getting the tickets and taking me.  Major brownie points!

1379776_10200997020630011_1447751434_nAnd Josh, thank you for raising me up and lifting my spirits.


P.S.  I need another week for my One Week challenge.  This week was better, but there is still work to be done.



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