Small Steps to Inner Peace

After coming across an inspirational blog recently, I decided to start another project in addition to my adventure list.  I will be making small changes in my life by subtracting something negative (e.g., excessive worry, distractions such as TV/internet, etc.) and adding something positive (e.g., mindfulness, writing, exercise) for one week at a time.  I think that this experience will help me learn about myself and grow into the person I want to be.

ded414e7dc8fb293d1444cc344a165f7Read more about this project, and my One Week ideas, here.

For my first week (Oct. 10-16), I will be going one week without negativity and one week with random acts of kindness.  I have really been struggling with seeing the glass as half empty lately.

fce4d393dbfedcb2e010102d78642129But what will happen if I stop dwelling on my own frustrations and help others instead?

My plan is whenever negativity strikes, I will turn things around by doing something nice for someone else.  Read more about how good deeds help relieve depression, anxiety, and stress here.

daliai lama

I’ll post next week about how my first One Week challenge goes.



2 thoughts on “Small Steps to Inner Peace

  1. I’ve had a draft post titled “The Path to Inner Peace” hanging around since May 2013. Maybe you’re posts will inspire me to finish it! Good luck with your projects… hope you increase your inner peace exponentially!

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