Keep Calm and Lean Back

I crossed Number 33, try water skiing, off my list this past weekend.  And there is video documentation.

I knew it was going to be a struggle when I couldn’t even get the skiis on my feet in the water.  Luckily, that didn’t get caught on tape.  But there is this photo…


Disclaimer: I didn’t really do any water sports growing up.  I’ve been tubing a couple times and knee boarding once, but that’s about it.  Also, I am not very athletic, coordinated, or graceful.  What you are about to see is proof of that.

My first attempt:

My friend B giving me tips…

Most of my attempts ended like this.


But hey, I did make it up!  Briefly, but it counts.  🙂  I love K’s increasingly enthusiastic vocalizations.  It gets funnier the more you watch.

And….that’s as good as it got.  😉

I tried wake boarding for the first time, too.  It was also a struggle, and the videos are even more embarrassing than the water skiing ones, so I’ll just leave you with this one photo.

wake boardWe did a little cliff jumping as well.  Even though I have done this once before (and it was higher – 30 feet!), that was many years ago.

969415_10200673891271979_1045398136_nI was pretty scared, but I finally did it.531892_10200673892192002_1189430351_nIt was a great weekend.  Do you remember your first time water skiing/wake boarding?  Any pointers for me?  🙂  I’d love to hear from you!



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