Death in the Dustbowl

I completed Number 49 on my list, attend a Murder Mystery Dinner, earlier this month.  I have wanted to do this one for a long time, so it feels nice to check it off my list.

As soon as we arrived to the Mystery Train (not actually a train, but we were supposed to pretend it was), we were advised to take aliases.

Olivia and The Foreigner

Olivia and The Foreigner

Mr. and Mrs. Carlos Sanches (aka my brother and his wife)

Mr. and Mrs. Carlos Sanches (aka my brother and his wife)

We were seated among the suspects, which made the experience all the more fun.  The cast chose a few people from the audience to have parts.  Although we were not chosen, one woman at our table was picked to be Ethel and she was hilarious.  Another older man who was assigned the character of Hector kept forgetting to read his lines when it was his turn.  It was pretty funny.

bunny-whodunnit-108658-480-480_largeThey served an appetizer, salad, the main course, and dessert.  They performed acts in between the courses, and while you were eating, the main cast would walk around and interact with the audience.

One of my favorite parts happened when one of the characters, Gilly, who was pretending to be a waiter (he was actually a hobo on the train) asked my brother for tips on being a waiter.


My brother told him to put one arm behind his back and use his towel to do Wax On Wax Off with his other hand.  Gilly continued to do this as he went around to other tables.

wax_on_wax_off_cards-r79ecd264a7a24c45a56f3d2fdf8dcec6_xvuak_8byvr_512We were given some fake money which we could use to bribe the characters for information.  We were also given one “clue” after each act, but the clues didn’t clue me in on anything.


Bribing Bucks and the program

After the final act, we wrote down who we thought committed the murder, and why.

787cb50b4424356856df9fa36d6ee9dfI had no idea.

detective2fe1So I took a wild guess.  It was wrong.  Guess I’m no super sleuth, but this Murder Mystery Dinner was super fun, and I can’t wait to go again!


Have you ever attended a Murder Mystery Dinner?




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