We chase these days down with talks of the places we will go…

Number 63 on my adventure list, graduate from my Master’s program and find a job, is why I haven’t been blogging for the past few months.  My life has been a whirlwind of job searching, interviews, networking meetings, finishing grad school, actually graduating, moving to a new city, starting a new summer job, and working 55+ hours per week at said job.

But all this means that I can officially cross Number 63 off my list!

310232_10200192941448534_1633910912_nI’m planning to cross several more things off my list this summer, like ziplining, water skiing, going to a Murder Mystery dinner, and learning how to make sushi.  Working such long hours every week will make this a bit more challenging, but not impossible!

Oh, and I decided to make an edit to Number 48, see Adele live in concert.  It doesn’t look like she will be touring any time soon, so I added my other favorite artist that I would love to see live – Josh Groban.  And guess what?  Looks like he will be coming to my city this fall!


I have four months of new recipes and crafts to blog about, but I will wait and post that all together once I complete my recipe and craft for June.

Until next time,



4 thoughts on “We chase these days down with talks of the places we will go…

  1. Congratulations! Hard work pays off! I’m sorry to be so late in conveying my best wishes to you. I look forward to you getting back into your blogging. Sizi ps I like your taste in music!

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