Better Red Than Dead

I completed Number 36 on my list, take a self-defense class, earlier this month.  This class was offered on my college campus for free.  I’d heard about it since I was a freshman, and considered taking it, but it was just one of those things that I never made a priority.  That is one reason I love having my adventure list (see: The List) written down.  It motivates me to make time for things I’ve always wanted to do.

This class was called S.H.A.R.P., which stands for Self-Defense and Rape Prevention.  It was a two night class, for women only.  I was surprised at how small the class was – there were only eight of us.

We had two instructors…they had the good cop/bad cop thing going on.  The “good cop” was a really friendly, nice older man who was always cracking jokes or smiling.  The “bad cop” was a tough, retired military man.  He was very serious.


Part of the class was a PowerPoint presentation with tips and techniques for how to protect yourself and how to escape if you are attacked.  One phrase from the presentation really stuck out to me… Better Red Than Dead, which essentially means that it’s better to get a little bloody trying to escape, than to be dead by giving in to the attacker.

A woman punching the air with her fist

The other part of the class was learning and practicing self-defense moves.  They showed us pressure points and instructed us on where and how to hit and kick.  We got to practice on the good cop and on a dummy.  It was hard for me to kick the good cop…he was just too nice!  But when we got to give it a go with the dummy…I gave it all I had.

It was kind of awesome.


So what are some of the techniques I learned?

I’m sworn to secrecy.


Our instructors told us that our biggest weapon against an attacker who is physically stronger, is the element of surprise.  Therefore, they asked us not to reveal any of our moves to any male.

I feel much more confident after taking this class.  I encourage all you women readers to take one of these!  And if you have, I’d love to hear about your experience.


P.S.  I’ve been nominated for several blog awards since my last post, including the Super Sweet Blog Award, the Very Inspiring Blog Award, and the Vintage Reel Blog Award.  Check these out and see who I nominated!


4 thoughts on “Better Red Than Dead

  1. Hey like your blog! neuschwanstein Castle is my favorite place in the world! So true about self defense the element of surprise is one of the greatest tactics in defense.

      • Yes I’ve been in the castle its pretty impressive but the actual grounds around it are seriously beautiful so be sure to check them out too. I go every few years its a very special place for me. I hope you get to go there soon 🙂

  2. so awesome that you’re completing all these cool things on your list! i’m loving reading all your posts. and Neuschwanstein is soooooooooooo beautiful!! i went there on a backpacking trip after college.

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