Climb Every Mountain

Or every wall.

rc 2

I crossed Number 35 off my list this past weekend – take a rock climbing class.  K and I took a Belay Certification Class at a local rock climbing gym.

rc 1

I have rocked climbed before and I loved it, but it’s been a few years.  I was in middle school and there was a climbing wall at camp.  But, all we did was climb.  The instructors harnessed us up, tied the knots, and did the belaying, so I never learned how to do that.

As I discovered in our class, those are the hard things.

Our instructor was a very serious guy.  As I struggled to tie the rope correctly under his scrutiny, I thought, he is going to fail me for sure.  When I finally got it tied, I turned to him with a smile and asked, “Is this it?”

He stared at me intently with unwavering eye contact, and said sternly, “You tell me.”

stern guy“Yes….?”

woman%20%20scaredIt was.  Thankfully.  Tough crowd…

K and I learned how to put our harnesses on, how to tie the climbing ropes to our harnesses, and how to belay each other.  At the end of the class, we had to demonstrate to our instructor that we could do everything correctly with no help.  We also had to fall off the wall three times so that our partner could practice catching us.  That was probably the scariest part!


After we passed the class (and we did pass!), we were free to climb any wall we wanted on our own.  It was so much fun!  But it was very tiring.

rc 3

Each wall had different names and difficulty levels. If you follow the instructions for that specific wall and only use the rocks that are taped a certain color, then you can have the glory of “passing” that wall.


rc 4

This one was actually pretty difficult for me! There was one spot where I could not hold onto the rock and I kept falling. I did finally make it up, though!

rc 5

This wall curved out at the top. K mastered this wall, but my arms felt like jelly at this point so I didn’t try. Next time, though!

Any other rock climbers out there?



9 thoughts on “Climb Every Mountain

  1. Hmmmm! I think I could do that. I climb trees and other stuff here in our yard all while I am on my leash with my “partner” holding onto the other end. Sounds like you had a great time. Sizi

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