Adventures in Saint Louis

This past weekend, I crossed two more things off my list!  Number 15, take a train ride, and Number 20, go to the City Museum in Saint Louis, Missouri.  I had high hopes for both…and my expectations were exceeded!

First, the train ride…


I have always had a romanticized idea about riding a train.  I’ve been on subways and the MetroLink, and even a 20-minute scenic train in Colorado, but I always felt there was just something different about a passenger train.  I probably haven’t been on any of the former, combined, for more than an hour.  I imagined that the general vibe on the Amtrak would be so much different than on one of those quick commuter rides.


Our train

And it was.  It was magical.  The steward was even wearing a conductor hat.  He came to your seat to check your ticket, just like in the movies.  🙂


I felt like I had been transported to another time.  At least, until someone’s cell phone went off…every few minutes….for the entire trip (5 hours and 40 minutes).  Ah.  Some people are so inconsiderate.

But regardless of the annoying text message tones coming from the woman next to us, and despite the disgusting bathrooms and overpriced (and also disgusting) food, I still thought the train was wonderful.

We had a bit of a mystery on the train ride home.  The man who sat next to us looked into his red bag and then laughed. He later disappeared, with the red bag, for around 4 hours. When we were nearing the final stop, he returned to his seat, with the bag. We’ll never know what was in it…


But sir, why is your red bag so funny?

I can’t wait to do this again.  I highly recommend taking the train for a romantic getaway.  Sitting next to the person you love, with beautiful scenery outside your window, and the anticipation of an adventure awaiting, well, it’s just lovely.


Second, the City Museum in Saint Louis.

It. Was. Insane.

This is not just an ordinary museum.  It’s actually a giant playground for all ages, filled with tunnels, slides, and caves.  What could be better?!  =D  It will definitely bring out the kid in you!

It’s hard to even describe in words how awesome this place is.  I’ll just leave you with the pictures…


The Caves


View from the top of the caves, before we went down the 10 story slide!




We did a lot of crawling.

K and I taking a break

K and I taking a break


The outdoor part


Slides everywhere!

What a great weekend.  Have you ever been on a train?  Or visited City Museum?  Please share your experiences – I’d love to hear about it.  🙂



11 thoughts on “Adventures in Saint Louis

  1. Wow, what an amazing trip! That museum is now on MY list, 10-story slides?! Yes please!!!!

    I’ve always wanted to travel on the train, but I know I have a very romanticized idea of train travel!!

    ❤ Jules

  2. Thank you for sharing from your very interesting adventure! Mom and Dad told me that they drove through St Louis on their cross-country road trip last year (while I was at the shelter!). They went through the Arch museum and also rode to the top of the Arch. Mom and Dad would like to do a long train trip sometime but find it quite expensive. Maybe if the price of gas keeps going up?! Sizi

    • Thanks for sharing, Sizi! The train was more expensive than I thought it would be, but it’s definitely cheaper than flying and more relaxing than driving, so I thought it was worth it. 🙂 I hope your parents are able to take the train sometime! Unfortunately they don’t allow cats – lame! Our two kitties had to stay home with a friend, but I don’t think they minded too much.

  3. That is just so cool! I live like 3 hours from St. Louis and have been there so often, but have never heard of this museum. Definitely on my to-do list next time I’m up there – it looks like so much fun! Thanks for sharing all of your photos – they made me smile 🙂

  4. i took the train from beijing to st. petersburg last summer with three stops. the longest leg was about 4-5 days… way too long on a train! but a cool experience. never been to st. louis!

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